0.15 - 4 SEPTEMBER 2008

Postlet is now able to resize images which are larger than a (user) set size, before uploading them to a server. Recently added is the ability to replace the files table with a "drop image" - See the SVN page for an example. Languages include EN, DE, NL, FR, ES, IT, NO, TU, FI.
DOWNLOAD the binary.

Postlet is a Java applet used to enable websites to allow their users to send multiple files to a webhosting server with a few simple clicks. Even though Postlet offers excellent functionality, it is still small, weighing in at only 30Kb, less than many images on the web.

Advantages of Postlet over normal HTTP file upload from a web browser include:

∗ Postlet's ability to resize images was primarily programmed by Herve Cros, many thanks to him for his work on this. Postlet will resize PNG, JPEG and GIF images over a set size before uploading them to a server. This is usefull to reduce bandwidth demands on a server, and also to reduce processing requirements on scaling of images. Please see the install instructions for notes on this (particularly the maxpixels parameter).

For updates to the Postlet project, either check back regularly, or check the Postlet Sourceforge project page.

0.15 release of Postlet is available for download. For an example of how the applet works, please see my example page.